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Våre nederlandske venner har sendt en invitasjon til å bli med på Europeisk Flippermesterskap i Nederland 21. og 22. mai 2005.

Arrangementet finner sted i nærheten av Amsterdam. Nedenfor kan dere lese invitasjonen i sin helhet. Mer informasjon finner du på PinballEurope.com.

Dear pinball friends,
You are the best ever! We all know the quote by our good friend Elvira from Scared Stiff. The Dutch Pinball Association (NFV) has taken this quote and made it the motto of the European Pinball Championship (EPC 2005) which will be held over the weekend of May 21st and 22nd 2005. In this letter we want to inform you of all the activities that we are planning for the championship and we want to invite all foreign pinball associations to visit the event.

During the weekend two main competitions will be held:
1. EuropaCup for national teams (Saturday)
2. Individual European Championship (Saturday and Sunday) which will tell us who will be European Champion and may call himself / herself "the best ever in Europe" (for now).

The competitions will start Saturday at 11 o-clock in the morning (national team competition and qualification for the individual competition) and will continue until 5 o-clock on Sunday afternoon (individual competition). The event will be held at Silverstone in Zwanenburg, which is close to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. Over fifty modern games will be used for the competition.

The national team competition works like this. Each team has three players. In a half competition the games between the teams decide who will go through to the finals. If there are more than six national teams, the competition will be subdivided into two pools. In that case, the pool winners go through to the (semi) finals. In the final match the two strongest teams battle against each other to decide which of them may take home the EuropaCup for national teams!

If you want to enter the national team competition with a team from your country, please return the attached form to Bas Vis (secretary of the NFV, bas@nfvpinball.nl) and let us know before March 21st, 2005. Please also contact him if you have any questions regarding the National Team EuropaCup Competition at the EPC 2005.

It is important for us to know how many teams will be competing so we can work out the competition schedule, though we dont yet need the exact names of the players. We do need a name and e-mail address so we can contact you. Please provide these details also via the subscription form.

The players in the national teams competition may also directly qualify for the finals of the individual competition. Other players will have to enter to the individual qualifications Registration for the individual competition for all other players starts in March 2005.

More information about the EPC (including information about hotels in the area) will soon be available at www.pinballeurope.com.

Finally we would like to inform you that besides the many competition pinball machines there will also be a large number of games just for the recreational player.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Christian Grande - 3/2/2005



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